Farida - A Documentary Film on the Life of Farida Fahmy

A world first feature length documentary on the life of Farida Fahmy, produced in 2011 by Keti Sharif in Cairo, Egypt. The documentary features personal interviews with Farida and with Mahamoud Reda in his iconic Kasr el Nil studio, plus rare footage and photos from their personal galleries. The film explores the story of the Reda troupe, in the founders own words, from their early days of development and field research, to the theatre, stage and cinema.

Farida talks about the early years of the Reda troupe, and talks about the Sayidi, Fellahin, Nubian, Hagallah, Milayah and Muwashshahat styles of dance theatre. She describes her time as principle dancer of the Original Reda Troupe for 25 years. Mahmoud talks about the way she elevated Egyptian theatre dance with her unique style, grace and elegance, that inspired generations of dancers and won her the admiration of her audiences in Egypt and abroad.

Screened in 20 cities worldwide in 2012, including Cinema Paradisio in Perth, RMIT University in Melbourne and in Egypt for the Sphinx Festival the film is available on dvd. Read a film review of 'Farida' by Charni Pilkington here.

Order the video online to learn more about Farida and the dances of the Reda troupe.
Duration: 90 minutes. File size: 1.5MB.

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    Egyptian Theatre Dance Costumes - Farida Fahmy

Farida discusses designs for Reda folkloric dances for stage, and how each style's quality of movement affects the costume design. Learn about costume features for Haggalah, Fellahin, Nubian, Saiidi, Muwashshat, Milayah, Siwa and Bedouin and how the movement qualities of each style affect costume design elements. Includes Farida's stage performance images, live performance samples, plus some of her own hand drawn designs.

Duration: 17 minutes. File size: 480 MB.
Cost: $6 USD
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    Traditional Ethnic Egyptian Costumes - Dr Shahira Mehrez

Ethnologist, University Professor and researcher, Shahira Mehrez has spent over 40 years collecting Egyptian provincial and region­-specific clothing styles that reflect the rich cultural roots, artistry and identity of Egyptian women. Shahira hosted this rare event especially for the Sphinx Festival in Cairo, in 2010, in her beautiful atelier. Clips divided into regions: 1. Introduction, 2. Nubia, 3. Upper Egypt, 4. Middle Egypt, 5. Delta Region, 6. Oasis, 7. Oasis, 8. Sinai part 1, 9. Sinai part 2, 10. Siwa.

Duration: 60 minutes. File size: 480 MB.
Cost: $18 USD

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