Farida Fahmy Costume Ebooks

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Farida's Folkloric Theatre Style genre costume E-Books are full colour and each e-book contains between 8 and 12 costume designs created and hand-drawn by Farida, many used in the Reda Troupe. Immediate download!

Fallahat designs

Al Haggalah designs

Milayah designs

Nubian designs

Sayidi designs

Muwashahat Dresses

Muwashahat Pantaloons

All 7 x designs, save $20
plus free video by Farida

Looking for Modern Designs? Vintage Costume Artistry E-book. Farida's fresh costume drawing designs created in 2014, over 80 new designs!
Elegant Baladi, Classical dresses, Ghawazee styles, Contemporary, Rom-style, Tribal inspired, Flapper inspired, Elemental themes and more 

Fallahat designs