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Farida Fahmy's UCLA Thesis:
The Creative Development of the Mahmoud Reda - Contemporary Egyptian Choreographer

Farida Fahmy - 1987 - Masters of Dance, UCLA

Farida Fahmy's Thesis is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the evolution of dance in Egypt by the pioneer of Egyptian Folkloric Dance Theatre, Mahmoud Reda. Approved by renowned Ethnologist, Professor Ali Jihad Racy, Farida Fahmy's UCLA Thesis explores the dynamics and development of the Reda troupe's theatrical dance styles and performances, and the revolutionary work of choreographer, Mahmoud Reda. Read about how Egyptian dance aesthetics and rhythmic nuance, together with field research in provincial styles, inspired the Reda choreographies and stylisation for theatre. Discover how Mahmoud Reda managed to bring the folkloric genres of Egyptian dance to the general public, and re-aquaint audiences to their vanishing traditional arts, in a new social context.

Available in ENGLISH, DUTCH, ITALIAN, DANISH, SPANISH, AFRIKAANS and JAPANESE. Thank you to translators: English - Rachel Nagy, Dutch - Sandra (Shemza) Gruisen, Italian - Chiara de Angelis, Danish - Bente Greve Petersen, Japanese - Chie Katagiri, Spanish - Paola Mori, Afrikaans - Liz Van Der Berg.

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Farida Fahmy Videos

FARIDA - The Life of Farida Fahmy is a feature length documentary produced by Keti Sharif. Farida Fahmy talks about her life, the Reda Troupe, alongside interviews with Mahmoud Reda. Learn about the classic Reda style folkloric dances - Haggalah, Fellahin, Nubian, Saiidi, Milayah, Muwashshat.
Cost: $15 USD Format: Video Download. Video Duration: 90 minutes. File size: 480 MB.

Farida Fahmy Documentary (90 mins) 2011 / Cairo

Farida Fahmy's Muwashahat Workshop
70 mins

Egyptian Folkloric Costumes for Stage - Farida talks about the correct costumes for different genres of theatre folk dances
17 mins

An Interview with Mahmoud Reda
25 Mins

Dr Shahira Mehrez - Egyptian Ethnic Costumes Presentation
60 mins

Sphinx Festival 2010 - Egyptian Dance Ethnology Seminars LIVE in Cairo with Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy
3 hours plus seminar notes

Farida Audio Seminar for Teachers
25 Mins